Ankus Ankalavan

Local Pirate/Barkeep


An aging, but tough-looking man who favors the simple cloths of seafarers, Ankus owns and often keeps bar at his slightly less than reputable establishment, the Drunken Urchin. In addition, he heads the secretive Society of Adventurers, an underground organization of pirates and smugglers.


Ankus has not revealed much of his past to the PCs, though it seems likely that he resided in Stormhaven while it was still under Confederation control. Exactly how he survived their purges against smugglers is unknown, though he seems well regarded by his compatriots, which may indicate that he did not do so by staying purely in the shadows.

Thus far Ankus has proven helpful to the PCs, perhaps out of guilt from inadvertantly causing the death of their friend Eloran, or gratitude at their preventing his death or capture at the hands of the Sea People.

Ankus Ankalavan

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