Lord Alain Gavrenath

Senior Council Member/Patron


A tall, older man with dark hair. His thin face is possessed of refined features, and when his hair is pulled back he has a widow’s peak. His eyes are sharp blue-grey. He tends to wear fine robes of deep colors.

Outside of the Content Not Found: mayor-tolan-aredin and Lady Nightcowl, Gavrenath is the senior council. Due to an obscure act of legislation in Stormhaven’s early history barring Nightcowl from holding the position, Gavrenath is also the High Councillor, which means that when the Mayor cannot, for whatever reason, preside over a session, Gavrenath does so.

Gavrenath’s history in Stormhaven is well known. His father once held the same position that he does today, though Alain the Elder was known to be a close friend of Telsus and the Confederation. The current Gavrenath, while not suicidal, made known his distaste for the Confederation, during his father’s office, thus facilitating his being voted into office. His voting record reflects his support of free trade, and a strong Stormhaven militia.

Lord Alain Gavrenath

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